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As one of the founders of WIB and the WILL Conference, my biggest takeaway was the incredible community of strong-minded ladies. This community of women are people I still connect with today because they are an empowered group of likeminded individuals. They say you are the top 5 people you surround yourself the most. Anyone who joins WIB are looking for personal and professional growth. With this same passion and drive for growth and success, you will have a lot of motivation to hustle hard and give it your 110%! Join WIB and elevate with others excited to succeed goals like you.

Cassie Kwong


I chose to join Women in Business at San José State University because I felt that the purpose of the organization aligned with my passion for women advancement in professional roles. As a Latina woman, there have been many times where I felt like I was the only person of color or the only women in a meeting or a leadership role. Women in business felt like a place where I could meet with other women from diverse backgrounds who were also having similar experiences and together we could empower one another to address the issues we face in our evolving careers. I truly feel like Women in Business is a place where "empowered women, empower women."

Jessica Munoz

Business Analyst

In business settings and organizations I consistently faced instances that left me uncomfortable, disrespected, not included, in a space where I didn’t belong, or couldn’t relate to those around me. Oftentimes, I would walk into a room and men wouldn't shake my hand. I knew that something needed to be done or wage gaps, discrimination, and a lack of innovation/representation would continue to fester. I co-founded WIB to create a space where women at SJSU could come together to cultivate community, receive mentorship and guidance from industry professionals, and lay a foundation where Spartans from varying backgrounds and identities could flourish in business post-grad and have the opportunity to return to SJSU to share their knowledge with current students. This experience was invaluable. Starting an org on campus was not an easy feat, but I gained leadership skills, networked with women who had advice I would have never received elsewhere, and made new friends that I am still in contact with that inspire me!

Cristina Cortes 


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